The Stichting Nunchaku Nederland (SNN) is a state-recognized sports organization and is affiliated with the Federatie Oosterse Gevechtssporten (FOG), the NOC*NSF and the World Nunchaku Association (WNA).

During all activities organised by or under the auspices of the SNN/WNA only the official WNA safety nunchaku, specifically designed for safe sports practice, may be used.    

The official WNA safety nunchaku has the name and logo of the WNA on it.   

There are strict requirements to practice Nunchaku-do under the auspices of the WNA.   

1.     The transport of the safety nunchaku may only occur in a sealed case or bag.

2.     Practising Nunchaku-do is only allowed in confined spaces.   

When registering with the WNA the registered user gains access to: 

1.     The possibility to partake in seminars, competitions and demonstrations.   

Registration and payment.

By submitting this registration form you declare that:

·         You agree with the obligation to pay.

·         You give SNN/WNA the right to publish pictures free of portrait right publically.

·         The registration is not finished until you receive an e-mail of confirmation.

·         All information will be dealt with confidentially and will not be shared with third parties.

·         The registration of a group must happen through the website.

·         The online payment will be done through

·         If you choose to pay cash then the payment needs to be done before an event commences.

·         A person younger than the age of 18, declares that, by accepting these general terms and conditions, he/she has the permission of their parents or legal guardian.   


Cancellation is possible by e-mail to within three weeks until the event (exceptions are WNA registration and the Duinrell Nunchaku weekend).
In the case of cancellation the following costs will be charged:

·         All costs made by external parties (like handling fees for online payment).   


·         The SNN/WNA/SMAP is not accountable for the loss, damage or theft of personal properties.  




Contact information

World Nunchaku Association (WNA)

Martje Koedooder-Cools
Otto Koedooder

K.V.K. 41215932


Stichting Nunchaku Nederland (SNN)

Kees Spijk

K.V.K. 41154709


Stichting Martial Art Promotion (SMAP)

Milco Lambrecht

K.V.K. 41212280


The following websites are a part of WNA/SNN/SMAP




Personal data

·         The personal data provided by a participant will be stored in a file by the organisation of the event. By registering for an event, the participants grant the organisation permission to send information about the event to the participant.    

·         By registering the participants grants permission to use the name and competition results in for an example publication in newspapers, internet and the Touché.   

·         A photo will be used in the WNA passport.


We would like to emphasize that personal data will be used exclusively for the purposes mentioned above and will not be used for other (commercial) goals.   

We will never sell your data to third parties.  



SNN/WNA has created this privacy statement to show that we take your privacy very seriously. Next, we will elaborate on how we will handle your data on this website.   
All data collected by SNN/WNA will be saved with strict confidentiality and will not be lent, rented or sold, nor will it be made publically in another way.  
The data that you give to the SNN/WNA will be treated with the utmost care. The goal of collecting personal data by the SNN/WNA is to register your order correctly and to keep you updated on developments on the website.    

This privacy policy does not apply to websites of third parties that are linked from this website. We advise you to check the privacy policy of those third parties as well.   

Our site uses cookies. Cookies are basic internet technology that enables to remember certain log-in information on the system of the user. Cookies cannot be used to identify persons, only devices. Everybody can choose to change the settings of their device so that no cookies will be accepted.   

SNN/WNA uses safety measurements to prevent the loss or any form of damage to data. SNN/WNA will cooperate when a user requests to be removed from the database or when they want to check their data.   

It is possible to use the right to view data, to export it, to alter it or to have it removed. If you want to make use of this right or have questions about this privacy statement or the site of the SNN/WNA, then please contact us.


The registration module of the SNN/WNA creates a secure link between your computer and our web module (which is located on a server in the Netherlands) where you can register and log in using personal data. This secure link will block third parties to intercept this data.
All payments will be done on a secured area of Mollie ( 

We use cookies to facilitate the use of our webshop. You can disable these cookies through the browser of your website, but this might result in some functions not properly working. We also use cookies to prevent the same advertisements to be shown too often. These cookies are not linked to a profile about you.   

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The information that Google collect will be anonymised as much as possible. Your IP address will not be stored. The information that is transferred and is processed by Google will be stored on servers in the United States of America.   

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