WNA nunchaku online tournament 2 OUTDOOR

At the end of this month the WNA nunchaku online tournament OUTDOOR starts. We have to make it an outdoor event becouse of Covid-19. All the regulations you find in our book of regulations REGULATIONS NUNCHAKU ONLINE TOURNAMENT SPRING 2021. In the book of regulations you also find the divisions in which you can compete.

The timeschedule:

Upload period: sunday March 28th 12:00 CET – sunday April 4th 23:59 CET
Technical processing: monday April 5th – thursday April 8th
Judging: thursday April 8th – friday April 15th
Results: saturday April 16th from 12:00 CET

We hope to receive your video.

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Secretary: Pr. Amaliastraat 7 NL5104 BG  Dongen the Netherlands

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