The World Nunchaku Association (WNA) is a recognized sports organisation.

During all activities organised by the WNA (or one of its country branches), or under the auspices of the WNA, only the official WNA Safety Nunchaku may be used. This nunchaku is specifically made for the safe practise of this martial art.

Official WNA Safety Nunchaku

The official WNA safety nunchaku can be recognized by the name of the WNA printed upon the nunchaku.

When training the sport Nunchaku-do under the auspices of the WNA there has to be abided to the following rules:
a): the official WNA Safety Nunchaku must always be transported in a closed sheath or bag;
b): Nunchaku-do may only be practised in closed-off areas.

Additional rules may apply depending on the area you are located. Make sure to contact your local municipal officials in case of doubt.

When registered with the WNA it is possible to enrol in tournaments, masterclasses and demonstrations. Depending on your location there may not be any events currently being organized in your area.

The annual membership fees are:
a): up to and including the age of 17: € 22,50
b): 18 years and up: € 27,50

Registration is complete after your payment is received.

Please contact us if you are from outside the European Nation and need more information to perform the payment.

For further questions feel free to contact us at:

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