announcement Nunchaku Online Tournament Part II

The lockdown is not gone for some time. Therefore we are starting a new online tournament. This is an announcement so you can prepare yourself.

Only members of the WNA can attend. The winners are getting medals (1, 2 and 3).

The kata program:

  • Linkkata 1 (for 6th and 5th kyu)
  • Linkkata 1 and 2 (for 6th until 4th kyu)
  • Competitionkata (for all kyu)
  • Kata Shodan (for black belts)
  • Self designed kata (for juniors and seniors).

All katas we devide in juniors / females/ seniors if there are enough contestants. A maximum of 2 katas per contestant  Results will be added to the NTPR list.

Freestyle is a pilot.

You may choose ‘single nunchaku’ (freestyle exclusively with one nunchaku) and ‘double nunchaku’ (freestyle exclusively with two nunchakus). The time limit is 1 untill 1,5 minute. Do not make ist shorter or longer! Results will be added to the NTPR list becouse it is a pilot.

The rulebook will be published soon. Please do not submit your video via WhatsApp because of the quality loss.

Upload period:      sunday March 14 from 12.00 CET until Mach 21 23.59 CET
Judging period:     thursday March 25 until saturday April 3
Results:                   sunday April 4 (from 12:00 CET)

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Secretary: Pr. Amaliastraat 7 NL5104 BG  Dongen the Netherlands

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